Tuesday, October 5, 2010

World War II Project Ideas

As an ongoing and culminating activity for Good Night Mr. Tom, you will complete a World War II project of your choice! Ideas for projects are listed below. A timeline completing the project is attached.

Please select one project, ask a parent or guardian to sign off on your idea and then obtain the details for your project from your teacher. Though it is not specifically indicated, you are welcome to use technology for your projects. For example, if you would prefer to create your board game on line, please feel free.

Because of the variety of projects available, there will not be time to work on them during class. If you would like to stay after school to work, please see me to arrange a day. I am available almost any day until 4:30. Twenty-four hours notice is best.


Historical Timeline- Develop an illustrated timeline that explains a topic from World War II. You will be required to include twenty events with different levels of explanation.

Language Arts

“Current” Event- Pretend you are a television producer and design a tv news show geared to children age 10-16 that discusses current trends and issues in WWII. Design a pilot episode and develop a story board for the program. Taping the episode earns extra points!


Create artistic portfolio for an exhibit to be displayed at a “local” gallery. Your four pieces of art should focus on a World War II theme and demonstrate a favored artist’s style.

Research Paper

Write a 5-7 page paper using proper MLA and research techniques on a World War II topic of your choice. This is an excellent way practice what will be required of an A-level high school student.

Board Game

Develop a board game that teaches players about a topic of World War II. Game must be creative, though it can certainly follow the format of an existing board game. Rules must be clear so that players of your designated age level can participate.


Do you have an idea that you’d like to explore that is not included on this list? Write a brief (less than one page) proposal about what you would like to do. Indicate the number of hours you plan to work on your project and what the final outcome will entail. Create-your-own projects are subject to approval from me and are not necessarily guaranteed.

Please keep in mind that these projects are designed with you in mind. You may find that I encourage you to work on a particular project based on your future goals. There will be opportunities early in the project timeline when you may choose a different topic.